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Are you putting collagen in your coffee? Here’s what you don’t know...

Are you putting collagen in your coffee? Here’s what you don’t know...

Are you putting collagen in your coffee? Here’s what you don’t know...

Many supplements and foods lose their nutrients when you heat them up. But what about collagen? Does heat take away from collagen’s amazing anti-aging benefits? After much research, we’ll tell you the best way to take your collagen in order to see the greatest results. But first, what exactly is collagen and how does it help you age gracefully?

What is collagen?

Collagen is an abundant protein that lives in all of our connective tissue, and gives skin its firmness. (AKA: it keeps skin from wrinkling and sagging). Think of it as scaffolding on a building. Our body produces collagen throughout our lifetime, but the production starts slowing down as we approach our mid-twenties (yes, that young!)

The majority of collagen in our bodies is made up of three types: type one gives skin its firmness, type two makes up our joints and type three gives tissue its elasticity.

The collagen protein is too large to penetrate or affect the surface of your skin to do any good. It really ends up just sitting on our skin until it's washed off. However, when collagen is taken orally, the benefits are amazing. It increases levels of collagen helping brighten and tighten the skin to give you a beautiful glow.

Collagen falls apart at temperatures above body temperature.

Should you put collagen in coffee?

It is important to take note that collagen falls apart at temperatures above body temperature, meaning when collagen is added to hot coffee, collagen's molecular structure diminishes and does not produce the desired health and anti-aging benefits.

For the greatest results, use a collagen powder mixed in a refrigerated beverage. Collagen peptides have already been melted so any other alteration can completely destroy the benefits it can (and will) give you health wise.

And remember! Not all collagen is created equal. Always find out where your collagen comes from. With the lack of FDA oversight in collagen, it's also a good idea to buy collagen that has been clinically proven like our Super Beauty Elixir.

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