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What is Collagen Banking? And is it legit?

What is Collagen Banking? And is it legit?

What is Collagen Banking? And is it legit?

What is collagen banking and is it something that needs to be on our radar? Well, if you’re like us and thought collagen banking involved extracting your collagen, saving it and making it available to you when you need it… no, not quite.

Young 20-something’s are making their way to Medspa’s across America and signing up for Ultherapy, a micro-focused ultrasound treatment that claims to lift and tighten loose skin. What’s so confusing is candidates for Ultherapy are typically in their late thirties to upper sixties… why in the world are we finding young women in their prime collagen producing years doing 65-year-old Christie Brinkley’s anti-aging treatment?

It turns out, “collagen banking” is just catchy wording dermatologists came up with. This whole treatment is based on the idea of ‘prejuvenation’ vs. rejuvenation.” The idea is to boost collagen production now so your body will have more later when your skin begins to age.

Your body starts losing collagen at a 1-2% rate every year during your 20s, but the physical signs of the loss don’t begin to show up until you’re typically in your early 30’s. Collagen is the structural protein in our skin that skin that keeps it firm and lifted. So the idea behind collagen banking is if you start replenishing early, you can keep up with the rate of loss.

It turns out, “collagen banking” is just catchy wording dermatologists came up with.

Millennials are the quickest to fight off any signs of aging. A 2018 study from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that cosmetic surgery has increased by 24% since 2013 in young men and women under 30 years old.

But the “collagen banking” theory isn’t enough for some dermatologists and surgeons to justify performing these anti-aging treatments on young patients.

Michele Green, a New York City dermatologist, won’t perform Ultherapy on younger patients. It’s believed that there could be such a thing as stimulating too much collagen, which could create scar tissue. Young patients suffer from generating a more robust collagen response than older patients to certain skincare treatments. This can lead to thicker scars and a longer recovery time.

Until collagen banking is science backed and proven safe, we’d start off with drinking Glotrition’s Collagen|glo drink mix to get a clinically proven amount of collagen every day in a non-invasive and scar-free form.

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