10 Day Quick Glo | Ingestible collagen skincare for anti-aging

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10 Day Quick Glo



Think of this as a 10 day collagen infusion. 10 sachets of our popular Collagen|glo Advanced Skin Powder...just enough to get your glo on, stat!

This skin nourishing drink mix includes a patented collagen peptide, clinically proven to improve the signs of aging. Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Biotin and a powerful antioxidant blend of Resveratrol and cold-pressed fruit powders combine to feed your skin exactly what it needs. Voted best tasting collagen drink by customers.

Packaged in single-serving sachets, this is definitely your "Glo-To-Go"!

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A patented and clinically studied Bioactive Collagen Peptide, proven in numerous clinical studies to have a positive effect on skin and nails. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, increase collagen and increase skin moisture. Present in our blend in the clinically effective amount. Highly bio-available. Responsibly sourced from grass-fed, bovine.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and a necessary aid to collagen production.


Our skin's natural moisturizer, our levels of hyaluronic acid diminish with age, resulting in a dry, lackluster appearance. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water! This helps skin to look plump and moist.


Widely known for it's benefits for hair, skin and nails, Biotin is also a solid protector of collagen fibers.


One of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, from the skin of grapes. Resveratrol is effective in protecting cells against free radical damage, the leading cause of aging.


We use wild blueberry, tart cherry and cranberry powders, dried fresh to retain the highest level of nutrients. These fruits were chosen because of their high levels of antioxidants. They also contribute to our blend's pretty pink color and delicious natural Sweet-Tart Berry flavor.

Full Ingredient List:

Verisol® Collagen Peptides, Vitamin C, Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, Blueberry Juice Powder, Blueberry Fruit Powder, CherryPure™ Fruit Powder, Cranberry Powder, Resveratrol, Isomaltulose (natural sweetener from beet root), Malic Acid (natural acidity regulator), Natural Flavors, Sweet Leaf Stevia (natural sweetener), Silicon Dioxide (natural anti-caking)


Add one sachet of powder to 20 ounces of water, 1x a day.


Add powder to water bottle first. Add one inch of water and shake vigorously to pre-dissolve, then add the full 20 ounces of water. If you prefer a more mellow flavor, just add more water. This will not affect the efficacy.


Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides® have been shown in clinical studies to:

•Decrease wrinkles by 25% after 4 weeks of a daily dose (2,500mg)

•Increase skin moisture after 4 weeks

•Increase collagen by 65% after 8 weeks

•Increase nail growth and reduce nail breakage

•Decrease the appearance of cellulite



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