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Hair sunscreen is a thing and this is what you need to know about it

Hair sunscreen is a thing and this is what you need to know about it

Hair sunscreen is a thing and this is what you need to know about it

If you’re like us, all about skincare, then you probably didn’t know that hair sunscreen is actually a thing. In fact, Cosmopolitan took a poll and 97% of people had no idea about hair sunscreen! What we’re learning is that SPF doesn’t just stop at the hairline. In fact, UV rays can be just as dangerous to your scalp and hair as it can be to the rest of your body.

Our scalp, though it may be covered by your hair, and your hair itself, are both at risk for UVA/UVB damage. Your scalp specifically is at high risk for cancer. In the last couple of years, hair protecting products have been popping up everywhere. They claim to prevent sun damage on your hair… everything from dryness, brittleness and frizz, while keeping it looking healthy and shiny. But do these products really work?

Generally, SPF hair protectors contain similar ingredients to what you’d use on your skin. But unlike the creams and lotions you use on your body, hair sunscreens come in spray and powder form that absorb into your hair and scalp easily.

Look for avobenzone, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide on the labels. This is what will truly protect your hair and keep it looking fresh and shiny. Also, there are some natural products that help with scalp and hair damage. Try sunflower seed oil, which contains fatty acids that can help the dryness associated with hair exposed to harsh sun conditions.

97% of people had no idea about hair sunscreen

After testing out hair sunscreen, there was no change to the texture, style or feel of the hair. Considering how easy they are to apply and it’s almost non-existent feel, it would be silly to not actively prevent scalp and hair damage. And really, there’s no excuse not to treat your hair and scalp with the same attention you give the rest of your body, right?

And maybe the most important reason to protect your hair? Your hair follicles are loaded with collagen! It helps keep your hair healthy. But, UV rays break down collagen, and that can lead to dry and brittle hair.

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