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Why Facial Rolling is a Skincare Must...

Why Facial Rolling is a Skincare Must...

 We’ve talked a lot about the NEW Glotrition Super Beauty Serum and with good reason. It is a topical product working from the outside in and when combined with the Super Beauty Elixir, provides Dual Delivery Skincare™ that treats all the layers of your skin. Its powerful plant-based formula combines a pro-collagen concentrate, time-released hyaluronic acid and resveratrol but it’s the revolutionary, built in Stainless-Steel Roller that really sets it apart!

Facial rollers have been around for centuries in the Asian culture, but you may have noticed they’ve become a huge beauty trend over the last couple of years. Typically made of hard stones like jade or quartz, facial rollers are known to help improve blood flow and stimulate fibroblasts (the cells that help produce the connective tissue – i.e. collagen and elastin – which we know are key to maintaining elasticity and keeping skin firm!) Even more important – facial massage is known to be a stress reliever, so rolling your skin daily can relieve tension in addition to making your face and skin look terrific!

Facial rollers not only help reduce inflammation and increase circulation – they can help push the active ingredients of your topical skincare deeper into the epidermis. 

That’s what makes Glotrition’s Super Beauty Serum so amazing…we’ve taken two innovative skincare products and made a game-changing combo. Our clinically proven topical serum meets a stainless steel “cool touch” facial roller. 

The steel roller head starts off icy cold and the natural cooling sensation helps to calm the skin, reduce puffiness and soothe inflammation. This is great for depuffing under the eyes!  Start off applying the serum to the upper part of your face to sooth and depuff the undereye area, across the forehead, and over the “11” lines between the brows.

Once you’ve covered the upper part of the face, it’s time to move to the lower facial contours.  As you use the roller your body temperature will start to warm it up.  This makes it the ideal tool for massaging and sculpting cheekbones and jawline, as well as helping remove toxins through lymphatic drainage. 

As you continue rolling in an upward and outward technique, you are activating the lymph system and boosting the skin’s natural detoxifying process. The roller encourages lymphatic drainage -or- the flushing of bacteria and toxins via the liquids stored in your tissues. The upward and outward technique directs the fluid to the lymph nodes where white blood cells are waiting to destroy any bacteria and get rid of it. By regularly stimulating the lymph system, you are drawing away toxins and releasing blockages in tissue and now the sculpting and contouring benefits of the roller kick in. The result - skin looks younger, brighter and healthier!

The Super Beauty Serum is the perfect combination - its pro-collagen formula really helps improve skin elasticity from the outside while the unique roller helps push those active ingredients deeper into the skin, firming and contouring the face. It’s this innovative combination of ingredients, applicator, and technique that make this a true game changer in treating the outer layers of the skin!

Get your Super Beauty Serum here.


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