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Your Favorite Serum and Your Facial Roller Just had a Baby, and We're Obsessed!

Your Favorite Serum and Your Facial Roller Just had a Baby, and We're Obsessed!

Every once in a while, a beauty product comes along that makes us say, "Where have you been all my life?" A product that redefines the way we care for our skin. A product that actually makes us happy to look in the mirror and see those fine lines so we can use it to rid them!

Glotrition's Super Beauty Serum is one of those products. This remarkably effective lightweight serum is made even more remarkable by the innovative bottle design that pumps the serum right onto a stainless steel roller tip. This innovation promises to "de-puff, contour and massage" your skin right back to its glory days.

Forehead Lines

On clean skin, we followed instructions to release two pumps of serum onto the roller tip. We started rolling to spread a thin layer of serum over the top half of our face. Next, we started "de-puffing" under our eyes, rolling the icy tip under our tired peepers. It felt glorious, and after a few passes, our undereye area really did look smoother.

We released two more pumps and spread another thin layer over the bottom half of our face. It was time to start contouring. We ran the roller under our cheekbones and under the jawline, pushing toxins toward the lymphatic drainage points just under our ears.

Now that the roller is starting to warm up, it's time to massage. We rolled it all over our face, pushing active ingredients deeper into our skin. It's like a warm stone massage for your face. Heavenly!

The serum is legit, too. It's formulated with a pro-collagen concentrate, time released hyaluronic acid, resveratrol and chicory root. A clinical study showed a significant increase in skin smoothness and elasticity after just 28 days. One look at the before and after photos will make you a believer.

The brand behind the Super Beauty Serum

The Super Beauty Serum is the second product launch from Glotrition, a brand known for their groundbreaking innovation. In 2016 they launched their Super Beauty Elixir, one of the first ingestible beauty drinks to market that contains a BIOACTIVE collagen peptide (not your grocery store collagen!), hyaluronic acid and a powerful antioxidant blend. We tried that one too, and it's honestly the most delicious collagen based drink we've tried.

Glotrition also coined the term Dual Delivery Skincare™, a regimen that includes ingestible and topical products designed to work synergistically together.

Shop both products here.

Super Beauty Serum


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