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Want Winter Ready Skin? Do These 2 Things

Want Winter Ready Skin? Do These 2 Things

Colder weather is starting to set in and that means dry, dehydrated skin is right around the corner. But, never fear! There are two simple things you can do to keep your skin moist and happy through these colder, drier months. 

So, why does our skin get dry and flaky during the winter months? Blame humidity levels.

When the air outside is cold and dry, and we spend so much time indoors with recycled furnace air, the water in our skin evaporates more quickly. 

In fact, our skin loses more than 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the winter! And, as we get older, our skin becomes even more susceptible to dehydration. This makes our skin feel dry and tight, and can make it look crepey and flaky. Basically, Not. Cute.

Ok, enough commiserating over dry skin, let's talk about how to fix it. 

There are two things to focus on when it comes to keeping skin properly moisturized: skin cell nutrition and the skin's moisture barrier.

Making sure that skin cells are fed all the right nutrients is important not just for attracting and retaining moisture, but for total anti-aging benefits. A malnourished skin cell shows up as tired, dry, and lifeless. A well-fed cell is plump and bouncy.

Ingesting Bioactive Collagen Peptides is an important component of skin nutrition. Clinical studies show they help to improve the dermal matrix and improve moisture levels in as little as 4 weeks. 

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most important components of our skin. Its main job is to attract and hold moisture. In fact, it can hold up to 10,000 times its weight in water! Of course, when the air is dry, it becomes more difficult to attract moisture, so you want to make sure your HA levels are high. Add a high quality HA supplement to your daily regimen.

Next, you want to be sure your skin's moisture barrier (also called the lipid barrier) is strong and intact to seal in all the important elements in your skin, slowing down moisture evaporation. This barrier is made up of ceramides, or lipids, and can become compromised with age and drier weather. Adding a clinically proven "phyto" ceramide (a bio-identical ceramide sourced from plants) to your daily supplement regimen has been shown to dramatically increase moisture levels and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Glotrition has made this process easy with the Super Beauty Elixir and the RESTORE Beauty Booster Shot. Both are designed to increase collagen and HA, and restore the natural lipid barrier, all from the INSIDE! 

They are so easy to use too. Just mix up your daily Super Beauty Elixir drink and add two droppers of RESTORE to "boost" your results. Bundle and save by getting them both together in the Power Couple Bundle.

And in case you were wondering... they are both delicious!




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