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The Skin Bennies of Exercise Are Real.

The Skin Bennies of Exercise Are Real.

We know that exercise is good for us – it’s good for our hearts and our lungs and our general well-being, but did you know that it is also good for our skin?

Regular exercise helps tone muscles and while that doesn’t have a direct affect on skin, firmer muscles definitely help you look (and feel) better overall.  But there’s more to it than that! Anything that promotes healthy circulation also helps keep our skin healthy and vibrant.

Increased circulation and blood flow gives the skin a healthy glow and plump appearance. When we get our heart rate up through physical activity (that would be cardio!)  – we improve blood circulation which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.  This can help promote collagen production and new skin cell activity – extremely helpful actions in the war on aging!

Not only that…increased blood flow also helps carry away waste products from working cells throughout the body, including the skin.  Those nasty free radicals are flushed out of the system with other cellular debris.

And sweating during exercise helps removes toxins making you feel better while also rejuvenating your skin. It can also help clear out your pores. But sweating can be a double-edged sword! Make sure your skin is clean prior to your exercise routine removing anything that could potentially clog your pores.

Stress Reducer

And then there’s stress…  Regular exercise is well known to be a stress-reducer and have a positive effect on your mental health (thank you endorphins!)  And when you feel better – don’t you look better?!?  

Additionally, there are some conditions that are aggravated by stress, like acne or eczema. When stress is reduced, these conditions can show improvement.

Post Workout Glow

You may have noticed after you go for a run or take a spin class, your skin is glowing.  The post-workout glow is a real thing!  Sure, your skin may be bright red during your workout but that is the result of increased blood flow to the dermis.  After your workout, the increased circulation to the skin combines with the dewy appearance from sweat and endorphins creating a rosy glow. And while you notice the glow after your workout, you’ll continue to see real benefits from that oxygen-rich blood on your skin the next day.

So there you have it - regular exercise is another key to healthy skin (as well as our overall state of being!) Exercise and increased circulation help get nutrients, like those in Glotrition’s Super Beauty Elixir, into your cells in a more effective way and together, help your skin from the inside out. Time to go get that heart rate up!

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