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The Importance of Skin Hydration During Dry Winter Months

The Importance of Skin Hydration During Dry Winter Months

As winter sets in with its chilly winds and dry air, our skin often takes the hit, leaving it parched, flaky and in need of extra care. While many of us are diligent about skincare routines during the warmer months, the winter season demands special attention, particularly when it comes to hydration. 

The most important thing to keep in mind for this drier, colder season is hydration. It's not just about drinking water, though that is undoubtedly important. Effective hydration for winter skin needs to happen from both the inside and the outside. 

Internal Hydration

In winter, it’s easy to forget to drink water but your body still needs it. There are few things more important to health and longevity than proper hydration. Drinking fluids is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining every system in your body including your heart, brain and muscles. Water serves a range of purposes in our bodies, including removing waste and flushing bacteria; controlling body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure; and maintaining a healthy metabolism. Did you know when you’re well hydrated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard? 

And yes – your skin too! As we age, our cells start to deteriorate and lose water in the process. This makes it much more difficult for our cells to work efficiently in fighting off free radicals (the #1 cause of aging!) 

While the recommended amount of water varies, a general guideline is to aim for at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Incorporating hydrating foods into your diet is another great way to help with hydration. Choose fruits and vegetables with high water content like cucumbers, watermelon, and celery.

External Hydration

During colder months, the air tends to be drier, which can lead to increased moisture loss from your skin. Hydration plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health and appearance of our skin. 

Consider switching to a hydrating cleanser for the next several months, one that is gentle so that it cleanses without damaging the microbiome. If you changed to a lighter moisturizer for the summer, it’s time to opt for a richer, thicker cream for the winter. Invest in a rich, emollient moisturizer that provides both hydration and a protective barrier against the harsh elements. You may also want to look for products with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides. 

And finally, think about adding a humidifier indoors to help maintain the moisture levels in the air which can help prevent excessive dryness. 

Hydration from Within

Don’t forget to keep up with your Glotrition! The Super Beauty Elixir and AfterGLO gummies should be part of your year-round skin wellness routine but are a great source of hydration for the winter. SBE is not only a great source of hydration, it protects your collagen while AfterGLO protects your elastin. Together, the products work synergistically to enhance skin smoothness, making skin more flexible and elastic. They also both have ingredients to help with skin tone and hydration. The support and protection they provide is seasonless.

By prioritizing internal and external hydration, you can ensure that your skin stays supple, radiant, and healthy throughout these harsh winter months. Embrace the power of hydration and let your winter skin glow!

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