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Your Ride or Die For Travel Ready Skin

Your Ride or Die For Travel Ready Skin

Summer is here! And even better, we are starting to travel again. Our getaways may be a little different these days with many people opting to spend their summer vacation on a good old fashioned road trip. More and more of us are hopping in an RV and exploring some of the amazing things here in the beautiful U.S. - National Parks are a huge destination right now! But one thing that doesn’t have to be different on vacation is your skin. Glotrition’s Super Beauty Elixir is so easy to take with you on vacation so you can keep your results going which is great news because nobody wants to see all those positive results fade away. 

We know that continued and consistent use of the Super Beauty Elixir leads to even better results. Skin health continues to improve as the cumulative benefits of the clinically proven ingredients stack up, leading to healthier and more youthful looking skin. Over time with consistent use, not only does our skin look and feel better, but we feel better overall! 

Keeping Glotrition as a daily component of your beauty wellness routine helps support the ongoing regeneration process of your skin which is even more important on vacation, when you are spending more time in the sun and elements and are more indulgent with what you are eating and drinking. 

Taking the Super Beauty Elixir on vacation is so easy! Just throw a few stick packs in your bag and you have the perfect solution to keep your skin glowing and beautiful at your fingertips. Just pop one into a bottle of water each day and that’s it! An added bonus - in addition to keeping your skin healthy, it will remind you to stay hydrated in your travels. Make packing even easier with our “Travel Pack” or 10 Day bag of Super Beauty Elixir sticks. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

So who’s excited to get away this summer? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

Get your summer Glo going here.

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