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The Beauty of Glo-ing Together

The Beauty of Glo-ing Together

One of the hardest things to do on a wellness journey is to start a new and sustainable healthy habit. But you know what makes it easier…the support of a friend! Isn’t it better when you have someone trying the same new diet or workout? You are there for each other throughout the journey – motivating each other to be successful and encouraging each other when you feel like quitting. Community and personal support are critical in kicking a bad habit or starting a new healthy one!


And there is psychology behind it. There’s something called the Social Proximity Effect - we start to mirror the habits of the people we spend the most time with. A great way to build good habits is to spend time with people who already practice them. But there’s even more to it when it comes to creating a new habit or kicking a bad one. Social relationships help us stay motivated when we are trying to achieve goals. 


When we partner up with a friend, it makes us accountable. We check in on each other – we want to know how the other person is doing and we want to make sure we are keeping up and not falling behind. Having a friend or partner who is going through the same experience as you is a great source of support, empathy and motivation.


This even relates to simple things like trying a new supplement or beauty product. Adding a new daily product or supplement to your beauty wellness routine sounds easy enough but it can be tricky making sure it happens every day. We are busy! Things come up and other things fall off our plates. But consistency is key and leads to better, cumulative results! What if you had a buddy who starts this new habit with you? 


What a great journey to take a with a friend! When you both start a new supplement together, like the Glotrition Super Beauty Elixir, you can take a few minutes each day to check in and connect – maybe even actually enjoy your Elixir together during this time! On top of the accountability, both you and your Glofriend get all the Glotrition bennies and someone to share and compare your results with! 

Start your Glotrition journey here.

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