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System Check: How's Your Immunity?

System Check: How's Your Immunity?

It's happening…we are officially moving into fall! Cooler weather, leaves changing color, football season and pumpkin spice everything! We are also approaching cold and flu season, so it’s a great time to check in on our wellness plans and make sure our immune system is strong, supported and ready to fight.  


Antioxidants such as zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C are critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy and strong immune system. That’s because they fight off free radicals - molecules that actually steal electrons from other healthy molecules. Antioxidants neutralize and eliminate the free radicals from the bloodstream, keeping our bodies functioning at optimum levels. Because free radicals are so pervasive, we need a constant supply of antioxidants to disarm them. Our body’s cells naturally produce some powerful antioxidants but because of the addition of environmental free radicals, we need to take in more antioxidants from outside sources - like food and supplements - to neutralize them.  


Vitamin C is a superstar antioxidant, supporting virtually every aspect of your immune system. In addition to supporting natural killer cells (they eliminate infectious targets), neutrophils (they fight bacterial infections), antibodies (they identify & destroy invading threats) and lymphocites (they produce the antibodies) – Vitamin C fights free radicals too, acting as a barrier against invading infections, viruses and diseases.  


Here’s a fun fact you may already know - antioxidant rich fruit powders and Vitamin C are incorporated into all of Glotrition’s products! Glotrition is not only the ideal way to improve your skin from the inside out (because of its Bioactive Collagen Peptide!), it’s an easy way to support your immune health every day.


The powerful antioxidants Resveratrol and Vitamin C form the base of Glotrition’s Super Beauty Elixir while fresh dried tart cherry, cranberry and blueberry fruit powders add more natural antioxidants as well as a boost of flavor. Adding the Elixir to your daily beauty wellness routine is a great way to ensure you are getting all the antioxidants your body and skin needs! 


RESTORE is a highly effective and highly concentrated liquid dietary supplement. This powerful blend includes a clinically proven phytoceramide and a specifically chosen group of antioxidant-rich fruit powders including goji berry, maqui berry and black elderberry, proven to aid in skin health and overall immunity. Adding RESTORE to your Super Beauty Elixir provides even more of the essential benefits and protection from antioxidants. RESTORE literally “boosts” the skin elasticity, hydration, antioxidant and immunity benefits of the Super Beauty Elixir, making the two together not only a powerhouse skin supplement, but an immune system booster!


They are so easy to use too…just mix up your daily Super Beauty Elixir drink and add two droppers of RESTORE to load up on antioxidants and give your immune system a well-earned boost! Get yours here. 

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