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Super Beauty Elixir – Your Total Skin Solution

Super Beauty Elixir – Your Total Skin Solution

The skin is our largest organ and it’s one of the first things that other people see. And while we focus so much on taking care of the skin on our face with special cleansers and moisturizers and various other lotions and potions, how much attention do you really pay to the rest of your skin? Glotrition’s Super Beauty Elixir is the perfect supplement for ALL your skin - from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Not only does it help the skin on your face look better, but it’s also actually helping your skin everywhere look better!

The Glotrition Super Beauty Elixir is a dietary supplement that feeds your skin from the inside out, leaving it truly nourished. It contains a patented Bioactive Collagen Peptide (BCP) clinically shown to increase skin firmness and reduce wrinkle depth in just 30 days by spurring new collagen growth. BCPs help stimulate new collagen production from the inside, feeding those deeper layers. The deeper layers are responsible for creating and pushing up new skin cells to the surface. And new skins cells, when fed properly, can make the skin appear healthier and plumper, giving you a healthy glow. These BCPs are helping build the collagen for your total body skin, not just the skin on the face. 

SBE also contains Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful humectant that can hold a thousand times its weight in water. Found naturally in the body, its main function is to retain moisture to keep our tissues well lubricated while also preventing the moisture in our skin and joints from evaporating into the air. When you mix the SBE with 20 ounces of water, not only are you getting water to hydrate your body, but you are also getting a clinically effective dose of HA which is keeping all of your skin moist, plump and dewy. 

One of the other key ingredients in SBE not only supports the skin, it’s also a huge benefit for our overall health. The Super Beauty Antioxidant Blend puts the SUPER in the Beauty Elixir! It is a potent blend of some of the most effective antioxidants on the planet – Fruit Powders, Resveratrol and Vitamin C - all critical in supporting new and existing collagen to all of the skin while also boosting overall immunity. The fresh dried fruit powders come from wild blueberry, tart cherry and cranberry which in addition to being full of natural antioxidants, also provide a boost of delicious berry flavor to the elixir. 

With Spring upon us, now is the time to start thinking about how our skin looks – both face and body. Warmer weather is right around the corner and that means showing a lot more skin. With Glotrition’s Super Beauty Elixir, you’ll have glowing skin you will want to show off.  The Super Beauty Elixir is the perfect supplement to treat your skin from the inside out, helping loose, dry, dull or crepey skin anywhere on the body start to look firmer, smoother, and younger. 

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