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Beauty Wellness - The Biggest Trend in Skincare

Beauty Wellness - The Biggest Trend in Skincare

We talk about wellness a lot and you may have noticed that beauty wellness has become a big part of that conversation. Attitudes around beauty were already shifting pre-COVID. Beauty was becoming more inclusive, consumers were interested in clean and natural ingredients, and beauty was becoming part of wellness routines. But now, attitudes toward beauty have really changed! In today’s environment, it’s become less about perfect hair and make-up and more about looking and feeling healthy

We’ve shifted to a wellness state-of-mind.

In the age of Zoom meetings and virtual happy hours, people are less focused on “things” and more focused on staying healthy and positive. Today it’s more important than ever that our lifestyle makes us feel good about ourselves. Beauty has become less about how something makes you look and more about how it makes you feel. Looking good on the outside isn’t nearly as important as feeling good on the inside.

And that shift is becoming more and more evident in our continually evolving world. How we look in meetings has taken on an entirely new meaning. Admit it – you were concerned with how you looked in those first Zoom meetings, constantly analyzing your face and making a mental list of flaws. You may have even put on a full face of makeup and blew out your hair! But now, months later, the focus has shifted to looking and feeling healthy. And now that we are all more used to those calls, have you noticed that you are checking out yourself less and more concerned with your friends and colleagues? And not in a superficial way but in a protective way. Do they look healthy? Are they doing ok?

In this new reality, it’s important that we continue to focus on our own wellness. When you take proper care of your body by getting enough sleep, exercise, water and properly nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs, the result is a thriving healthier and younger-looking version of you.

Self-care and skincare go hand-in-hand.

Especially when your skincare routine includes immune system-boosting ingredients that benefit the body as well as your skin! Glotrition’s Dual Delivery routine is not just about adding a new supplement to your day or trying out a new product – it’s meant to help you work towards the happiest, healthiest version of you on the inside and outside!

This clinically proven regimen starts with our Super Beauty Elixir, a powerful powdered drink mix designed to feed your skin at its deepest layers. Bioactive Collagen Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and antioxidant-rich fruit powders combine to nourish your cells and deliver an undeniable radiance from the inside out.

Next, our Super Beauty Serum nourishes the upper layers of skin with a Pro-Collagen Concentrate, Time Released Hyaluronic Acid, and a patented Peptide Blend. Use the built-in cool touch roller tip to push active ingredients deeper into the epidermis, contour, and de-puff for a sculpted, radiant glow!

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