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Spring Clean Your Skin

Spring Clean Your Skin

Spring. A time of renewal. For many of us, it means it’s time to do a deep cleaning of our homes and even clear through some clutter and junk. But spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for the house. This year let’s spring clean our skin too! 


Did you know that spring cleaning actually has strong cultural, religious and historical links? Spring cleaning has ties to the holiday of Passover. The Torah commands that not a crumb of leaven (the yeast used to make bread rise) is allowed in the house during Passover and because of that, the entire home would be thoroughly cleaned. It also dates back to a time when homes were heated by wood and lit by candles and lanterns that left layers of soot everywhere. When spring arrived, it was time to open the windows, shake out the rugs and linens and clean away all the winter grime.


A time-honored tradition, spring cleaning today is not only good for our homes, it’s good for our mind. After being trapped inside during winter with its short days and little sunlight, spring is sign of what’s to come. Sunshine, warmer days, time outside and rejuvenation. Kicking off spring with a thorough cleaning is great way to improve focus, relieve stress and improve our mood with a more positive and forward-thinking mindset. 


It's also a great time to check-in and reevaluate our skin care routine. As it gets warmer, we start showing more skin so we want to make sure we are keeping it clean and healthy while not stripping away the vital skin barrier. It’s important to focus on gentle cleansing and exfoliation that isn’t too harsh and doesn’t damage the skin barrier. We need to support the skin barrier because it’s protecting new skin cells and the new collagen and elastin that are forming below the surface. And if you’ve been using Glotrition’s ingestible formulas, that new, fresh skin will be coming to the surface - keeping your skin clean and gently exfoliated will help with that renewal process.


As the weather gets warmer, some of us may transition to lighter skincare products, but again, make sure the products you are using are not damaging the skin barrier. Spring cleaning your skin care routine is a great time to throw away unused and expired makeup and skin care products. And while you’re doing that, take time to wash your make-up brushes and sponges. Finally, while we wear sunscreen every day, it’s definitely the time of year to add it back into your skincare routine if winter hibernation caused you to put it on pause. 

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