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Phytoceramides...Your Skin's Anti-aging Shield

Phytoceramides...Your Skin's Anti-aging Shield

Here on The Glomission, we talk a lot about collagen and the important role it plays in skin structure and integrity (i.e., firm, not saggy skin). We've also given you the bad news that we start losing collagen in our early 20's. Good thing we have the Super Beauty Elixir to cover us there and keep us the glowing goddesses that we are.

But...there's another important element to our skin that starts to break down as we age. It's our skin barrier function...our skin's natural moisture barrier made up mostly of ceramides, or lipids (fats). It works to keep all the good moisture and elasticity in our skin and keeps all the environmental aggressors out. Ceramides help to keep our skin smooth and bouncy. Think of ceramides as the protective mortar between the bricks, in this case, skin cells. 

Decreased ceramide levels are associated with dryness, inflammation, the appearance of wrinkles and skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. 

The good news is that phytoceramides – the ceramides found in plants – can be digested, absorbed and used by keratinocytes (the predominant type of cells in the outermost layer of the skin) to create new ceramides and improve skin health from the inside out. Phytoceramides help restore the skin’s lipid barrier, which in turn helps maintain moisture, creating smoother skin with improved elasticity.

But, not all phytoceramides are created equal. Look for a "Biomimetic" or bioidentical phytoceramide that has strong clinical studies behind it. Glotrition's NEW Beauty Booster Shot "RESTORE" contains a patented biomimetic phytoceramide that is clinically proven to strengthen the lipid barrier, reduce wrinkles and increase skin hydration in just 4 weeks!  

The blend also includes goji berry, known to promote collagen and elastin production, and elderberry, an immune boosting antioxidant. It has a light Elderberry flavor and is so easy to add to your routine – just add 2 droppers full (2ml) to your Super Beauty Elixir, or beverage of choice once a day. 

It's literally never been easier to Drink Yourself Gorgeous!



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