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My Results After Two Weeks...A Glotrition Customer's Story

My Results After Two Weeks...A Glotrition Customer's Story

"I started using Glotrition’s Super Beauty Elixir two weeks ago and I am so excited by the early results that I’m seeing!

I had begun noticing changes to my skin over the last decade. Sure, there were the expected fine lines but lately I had noticed some deeper ones coming in – the dreaded elevens – as well as an increase in the lines around my mouth. And then there was the texture…my smooth skin was getting drier and rough and didn’t seem to be as springy as it used to be.

I started researching products and ingredients but there is so much out there – I was overwhelmed! A friend of mine asked if I had heard about Glotrition. At that point I hadn’t... But after reading about them and their philosophy of treating the skin from the inside out – it made sense to me. And the ingredients were all things I had been learning about…collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol and antioxidants…it was definitely something I wanted to try. So I took the plunge and ordered Glotrition’s Super Beauty Elixir.

I’ll admit that I did have concerns about the taste. I love that it doesn’t have sugar, but I tend to not like that “fake sugar” taste. So as soon as I got my Glotrition delivery – I ripped open the package and made my first drink. And I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor! Not chemically at all – just a great, light berry taste. (I do add a little extra water and have started putting it in the freezer so that it’s super cold – almost a little slushy!)

During the first week – my skin started feeling better to the touch, less rough. I thought it might be in my head – that it was too soon. And now as I’m finishing my second week, I am thrilled with the Super Beauty Elixir. My skin really does feel better! It’s definitely smoother to the touch and I’m already seeing a return of the elasticity – it’s got some of its bounce back. (And while I know that the Super Beauty Elixir is formulated for my skin, I’ve noticed that my hair and even my joints have felt better over the last week too.)

Overall, I feel like my skin looks healthier and I can’t wait to see what happens after the full 30 days. (I’m hopeful that I will benefit from some of the wrinkle reduction that I read about in the research!) Based on my first few weeks – I’m a Gotrition convert and will be making the Super Beauty Elixir a permanent addition to my daily routine."

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