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Marigold's Anti-Aging Benefits

Marigold's Anti-Aging Benefits

April showers bring May flowers and the flowers we are looking forward to the most - the Amazing Marigold. An all-purpose plant, this beautiful perennial with its vivid orange and yellow flowers boasts a wide range of medicinal effects including being packed with nourishing compounds that support healthy skin! The use of the marigold dates back as far as the 12th century and has been used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to support visual health and prevent wrinkles. 


The marigold is a low maintenance plant with a long blooming season. Cheerful and easy to grow, the flowers bloom brightly all summer long and into fall. They thrive in full sunshine and can withstand very hot summers and even drought. They produce flowers in a range of sizes and colors - from a creamy white to golden orange and even maroon. Fun fact: in the late 60’s, David Burpee, the president of Burpee Seeds, launched a campaign to have marigolds named the national flower but in the end, roses won out. 


Research has shown that compounds in marigolds can stimulate elasticity in the skin while another study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science found that topical use of the flower’s extract on sun damaged skin may have helped facilitate the synthesis of collagen. And if you’re a regular reader of the Glomission, you know how important collagen is for the skin! It’s the key to keeping it plump, smooth and younger looking. But what is the compound that makes the marigold so special? It’s lutein! The marigold is chock-full of lutein!


In fact, marigold flower petals are considered the richest source of lutein. The main pigment component found in marigold flowers, lutein gives them their vibrant color. Marigold flower petals are a goldmine of polyphenols and carotenoids with lutein esters comprising more than 70% of the total carotenoids. Lutein is extremely effective at inhibiting the auto-oxidation of cellular lipids and protecting against oxidant-induced cell damage. Lutein has been clinically proven in human trials to help multiple aspects of skin aging as well as provide protection from environmental aggressors. 


Medicinally, marigolds have been used mainly on skin conditions of all kinds, including contusions, bruises and varicose veins. Minor skin injuries and inflammation has also been successfully treated while a marigold ointment can promote wound healing for eczema and sunburns. In food, the flowers can add a dash of color and a mild flavor while a marigold tea may help aid digestion, alleviate cramps and help with nausea. Then there is its use in decor where not only can it be used as a natural dye but it is THE flower used for Dia de Muertos or the Day of the Dead celebrations.


The marigold is remarkable flower with so many uses. But our favorite use has to be as an important source for the key ingredient in Glotrition’s Afterglo Gummiceuticals. Afterglo gummies are packed with FloraGLOÆ, a lutein that is naturally sourced from – you guessed it - marigold flowers! This powerful antioxidant not only helps improve skin elasticity, but it also helps to shield against environmental stressors. Afterglo Gummiceuticals are your personal wrinkle rescue targeting skin elasticity, skin tone and hydration, helping our skin to bounce back to how it acted when we were younger. The result is smoother, more even looking skin. And we can thank the Amazing Marigold for that!

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