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Hydrate for Hair Growth

Hydrate for Hair Growth

Have you ever worried about your hair as you age? You’re not alone – we all do it! Unfortunately, there’s a stigma around women’s hair loss that makes us feel embarrassed or nervous to talk about it openly. But it’s more common than you might think. While men are mostly affected, it is estimated that 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss throughout their lives. More than a manifestation of beauty, studies have shown the psychosocial impact of hair on the self-esteem and body image of women. The good news is that Glotrition’s newest gummiceutical innovation Hydrate not only supports skin health but has been clinically proven to improve hair health significantly revitalizing hair strength, density, elasticity, volume and overall condition.

And the reason Hydrate is great for the hair - Ceramosides! One of Hydrate’s key ingredients, ceramosides is a cutting-edge hair growth ingredient that allows the stimulation of the anagen hair growth phase. Ceramosides is a unique active ingredient derived from wheat, highly concentrated in phytoceramides and a booster of ceramide efficacy. Ceramides are key to the formation of intracellular lipids and act as a barrier for skin and hair cuticle protection. They play a critical role in strengthening the hair fiber by ensuring the cohesion of hair cells which reduce breakage and can impact the improvement of hair growth.

Ceramosides have been primarily known for their remarkable skin moisturizing and anti-aging properties but their action on hair and scalp have now been proven. Their benefits for the hair have been scientifically demonstrated in a gold standard randomized double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial on 66 women (between 18 - 65 years old), with different hair types, suffering from acute telogen effluvium (or excessive hair shedding), brittle and thin hair. Their hair characteristics were assessed at 56 and 84 days using phototrichogram evaluations of hairs in anagen (the growth phase) and telogen (the shedding phase) phases, measuring hair shedding by a pull test, hair diameter and elongation at break point, hair growth and scalp sebum content.

And the results were extremely positive! Participants who took the ceramosides had an average of 12.5% hair growth and 11,000 new hairs vs. the placebo group in 84 days. There was also a significant improvement of hair resistance to breakage after 56 days and a significant increase of hair elasticity after 84 days. And among the subjects who received the Ceramosides, 91% felt their hair grew faster, 88% felt their hair was less greasy, 85% mentioned losing less hair and 85% reported more hair volume.

So by adding Hydrate to your beauty wellness routine, you’re not only boosting skin hydration levels, you are transforming your hair health. Hydrate is your 2-in-1 solution for fresh, dewy skin and longer, stronger hair. And like all Glotrition products, these specially formulated gummies are packed with clinically backed, highly effective ingredients, Hydrate gummies are a delicious and convenient way to enhance not only your skin health, but your daily hair routine as well. Now let’s get growing and Glo-ing!

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