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How To Take Your Skin Beyond

How To Take Your Skin Beyond

So, you’ve added Glotrition to your daily routine and it’s been 30 days. Your skin feels better and you are starting to see a healthy glow. So that’s it, right? NO! Don’t stop now because as you continue to use the Super Beauty Elixir and Super Beauty Serum – you will see even better results. There are cumulative benefits that come with the continued use of Glotrition and over time, you will notice your skin not only looks and feels even better, but that YOU feel better!

In today’s ever-changing environment, emphasis is shifting from the superficial “I want to look perfect” ideology to a more quality of life “I want to look and feel healthy and happy” version.  We are keyed in on wellness and beauty wellness is becoming a big part of that mentality. In today’s Zoom meeting culture everyone can see everyone and while we are checking out our friends and coworkers, it’s less about the perfect hair and makeup and more about “Do they look healthy? Are they ok?”

As we concentrate on wellness, it’s important to establish a healthy routine, one that includes hydration, a healthy diet and proper exercise. Adding the proper supplement in conjunction with these things (like the Super Beauty Elixir which contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants) can make a huge impact on your skin and diminish the signs of aging drastically. But it’s essential to think of this routine as a lifestyle change, a new habit that is going to help you look and feel better, even happier. 

Skin regeneration is one of the reasons for sticking with the routine. We know that skin regenerates itself approximately every 30 days but as we age, that process slows down, taking as long as 45 days. So, if your skin’s regeneration period is longer than 30 days, it’s safe to say you will definitely see better results as you stick with your beauty wellness routine! And keeping Glotrition as a component of your beauty wellness routine helps support the ongoing regeneration process of your skin. It continues to improve as the cumulative benefits of ingredients stack up, leading to healthier and more youthful looking skin.

Antioxidants are another important part of a wellness routine. Antioxidants are, arguably, the most important line of defense when it comes to your overall health and there is a cumulative effect to antioxidants as well. When taken consistently over time – DAILY – they help build up and strengthen the immune system. This is not only beneficial to your skin, where they protect your new and existing collagen, but to your overall health and wellbeing as well!

If you’ve already added Glotrition’s Super Beauty duo to your beauty wellness routine…you’ve noticed positive effects and as you keep on using them, those results will just get better! So take your skin beyond the 30 days and discover younger looking skin and a happier and healthier you!

Did you know you can save a bunch of $$ by having Glotrition delivered to you every month? This way you never go without and you can be assured those beautiful results just keep coming! 

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