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How to keep from going crazy with your kids this summer!

How to keep from going crazy with your kids this summer!

Summer has arrived! The kids are out of school, excited and already asking “What are we going to do next?” It’s already hard enough to juggle everything when they are in school but now that they are home for the next 2 months, things can get stressful. You may be asking yourself, “How am I going to keep myself from going crazy this summer???” Yes, it can be a hectic time, but it can also be a fun time with a little planning to keep your kids active and organized. Plus, if gives you a chance to spend good, quality time with them which is good for you! Quality time with your kids can actually reduce stress levels which lowers cortisol production which helps make your skin look great. So coming up with activities and keeping your kids organized leads to better quality time, lower stress and health benefits all around. We thought we’d share some of our ideas for fun summer activities that the whole family can get involved in. 


Have you ever thought about making a backyard obstacle course? You and the kids can design and build it together. And it doesn’t have to be hard – look for things you already have like hula hoops, jump ropes, sticks and stones and any other ideas you or your kids have. You can be as creative as you want to be.  You can even include water features like a slip ‘n slide, sprinklers or a wading pool. The kids can take turns completing it and whoever has the fastest time wins! There can be prizes or maybe the family gets together to craft a family trophy for the festivities. And if the adults want to participate too – go for it!


How about a picnic? A picnic in a park is fun and can get the kids out of the house and out in the fresh air. But, if you have little or no time, an at home picnic is perfectly acceptable…and fun! Pick a spot in the yard and throw down a blanket. Inclement weather? How about a carpet picnic? Pull together some picnic staples like sandwiches, ants-on-a-log, fruit or other snacks and load them into a basket. You are all set! A fun lunchtime change for both you and the kids.  


Do you live in a neighborhood with lots of kids and everyone gets along? First, congratulations! Second, how about a bike parade? Encourage your kids to decorate their bikes (or whatever their “ride” is) with streamers and flags and stickers. Then let them cruise around the neighborhood to show off their creations. Invite the other kids in the neighborhood to participate and then families can sit out in their driveways and watch the fun go by. 


Did someone say Scavenger Hunt?!? A free and fun activity for the whole family - who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt. Create the hunt list – can be a simple list or make it more interesting by coming up with clever clues to lead the kids to the object they need to find. This can be an indoor or outdoor activity. You can even make it a photo scavenger hunt where the kids take pics of the found items with their phones. 


Lots of communities sponsor free outdoor movie nights during the summer. This is fun activity for the whole family that gets you out and about in your community. Or maybe take one night a week and have outdoor movie night at home! It’s pretty easy these days – all you need is a small, portable projector that works with your phone, a portable speaker and a screen (a white outside wall or white sheet will work!) You can pick any movie or show that you are able to stream on your phone. Then serve your favorite movie snacks like popcorn or candy or even s’mores! Since you’re already outside – might as well fire up the fire pit.


Speaking of s’mores – another fun summer activity is a backyard bonfire.  You and the kids can recreate the feeling of summer camp when you gather around the fire and tell ghost stories and sing campfire songs. How about roasting some hot dogs on sticks and then it’s time for s’mores. Feeling really decadent – try different varieties of s'mores. Maybe use chocolate covered graham crackers or peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bars. This activity can easily grow into a backyard camp out with the addition of a tent and you can spend the night under the stars. The big benefit about backyard camping – your own bathroom is right there!  


Whatever your plans are this summer, try to take time to enjoy some quality time with your kids. Not only are you creating memories that will last a lifetime, they will enjoy it, you will feel good about it and your body and skin will actually benefit from it. Happy Summer!

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