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Glamour Mag Called Her One of Their Faves. Here's Why...

Glamour Mag Called Her One of Their Faves. Here's Why...

If you've tried one face serum, you've tried them all, right? No ma'am! We are here to tell you that not all facial serums are created equal. Since she's your free gift with purchase this week only, we wanted to break down exactly what makes our Super Beauty Serum so "Super". 

Ingredients are everything, but the amounts of amazing ingredients is really the game-changer when it comes to a topical formula that actually works, so let's deep dive into some of the headlining ingredients in Super Beauty Serum. (Her friends call her SBS, BTW.)

A clinically studied pro-collagen concentrate that boosts collagen I synthesis, smooths surface micro-relief; significantly reducing roughness, and reduces the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles. Contains highly purified glycopeptides from soybean fiber. 

Clinically proven to hold up to 10,000 times its weight in water, Hyaluronic Acid appears naturally in the skin and is imperative for skin moisturizing. Like Collagen, levels decrease as we age. SBS helps increase skin moisture and maintain levels throughout the day with a time-released HA formula. Say goodbye to the 2pm greasies! 

Sourced from Chicory Root, oligosaccharides have been shown to increase collagen synthesis and immediately tighten and lift skin with stronger effects over time.  

Stimulates epidermal renewal and collagen synthesis, resulting in skin firming and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

A powerful antioxidant that helps defend the skin against free radical damage, the leading cause of aging

Most importantly, these amazing ingredients are present in the clinically effective amounts. No fairy dust sprinkle of the good stuff here! So, that's the low-down on ingredients. Can we talk for a minute about the cool-touch roller applicator? 

Not only does it feel like a legit spa-level facial massage, but the roller helps reduce inflammation, contour, and increase circulation while pushing active ingredients deeper into the epidermis.

The best part of this story? A full size SBS is yours free with any new purchase at until November 22, 2020. It's a $75 value. Yay you!


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