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Does Ingestible Beauty Really Work?

Does Ingestible Beauty Really Work?

There has been a growing movement towards ingestible beauty supplements and with good reason – beauty ingestibles work from the inside out, adding another layer of treatment and benefits for the skin, hair and nails. Think of it as a multivitamin for the skin…way more convenient and less time consuming than all those lotions and potions. Yes, taking care of our skin on the outside is important but adding a beauty ingestible can be a great complement to an existing beauty wellness routine. 

When it comes to skincare, it’s important to take care of every layer of the skin – not only on the outside, but from the inside as well. It’s the best way to drive cellular renewal – the key to younger looking skin. The top layer of the Epidermis consists of dead skin cells that we are constantly losing while new cells from the deeper layers move up to the surface. It’s these deeper layers that contain the building blocks that are vital to skin cell production and regeneration. It's important to feed those cells the proper nutrients from the inside, so when they approach the surface, they are well nourished and bouncy, not starving and tired. 

When you are considering adding beauty ingestibles to your wellness routine, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients, making sure they are the best quality ingredients used in clinically effective amounts. A lot of the same active ingredients are found in both ingestibles and topical products, but they have different jobs based on how they are being used. When they are included in a skincare regimen that treats from the inside out as well as the outside in, you are getting the cumulative benefit of these amazing ingredients. Some of the ingredients that are especially important for the skin, hair and nails are collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. 

The Super Beauty Elixir is Glotrition’s OG beauty ingestible – the product that started it all. A dietary supplement that feeds your skin from the inside out, the Super Beauty Elixir leaves your skin truly nourished. It contains a patented Bioactive Collagen Peptide (BCP) clinically shown to increase skin firmness and reduce wrinkle depth in just 30 days by spurring new collagen growth. The Elixir’s BCPs are “hydrolyzed” or broken down to a point that it is bioavailable to the body and ready to get right to work on the skin. BCPs help stimulate new collagen production from the inside, feeding those deeper layers that are responsible for creating and pushing up new skin cells to the surface. They have also been clinically proven to not only improve hair thickness but hair growth as well leading to stronger, thicker and bouncier hair. The Super Beauty Elixir also supports the other building blocks by providing Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin C, and a targeted blend of powerful antioxidants help to nourish skin cells and protect collagen fibers.

Glotrition’s RESTORE Beauty Booster adds another layer of support for the skin, working together with the Super Beauty Elixir. A highly effective and highly concentrated liquid dietary supplement, RESTORE contains ingestible plant-based ceramides that help strengthen your skin’s lipid barrier, acting as a high-performance anti-aging shield. The blend also includes goji berry, known to promote collagen and elastin production, and elderberry, an immune boosting antioxidant. RESTORE literally “boosts” the skin elasticity, hydration, antioxidant and immunity benefits of the Super Beauty Elixir, making the two together a powerhouse skin supplement!

We’ve all heard of sleeping pills but why not a supplement that helps you sleep and boosts overnight skin renewal? Glotrition’s SLEEP Beauty Booster is that multi-tasking beauty supplement! It includes Melatonin, Selenium and Chamomile to help you fall into a deep, restful beauty sleep. It also contains the skin-loving vitamins C, D, and E which not only boost overnight skin renewal, they also offer antioxidant protection and immunity enhancement. Finally, this targeted blend contains an effective micro-dose of natural Aloe Sterols which stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production for skin hydration, improvement in wrinkles, and skin elasticity. And like all of Glotrition’s beauty ingestibles, SLEEP is built on a foundation of antioxidant rich fruit powders.

There is an important link between beauty and wellness and the right beauty supplement can work magic. It’s an easy addition to your Beauty Wellness routine that can lead to a healthier, younger looking you.

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