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Do These 5 Things for a Gorgeous Night's Sleep!

Do These 5 Things for a Gorgeous Night's Sleep!

Dark circles under the eyes, random breakouts, dull complexion...these are all signs that your skin isn't getting what it needs while you sleep. 

During sleep, your skin cells get to work. They regenerate and repair skin from the day's UV and pollution damage. They also work to rebuild collagen and elastin. (The Super Beauty Elixir that you drink during the day? Your skin absorbs and uses those nutrients at night). This is also the time that your brain cleanses itself so you can wake up bright-eyed and active! But none of this can happen unless you're in a deep, restorative sleep.

So, what is restorative sleep, exactly? This is the deepest levels of sleep, usually categorized as "REM" and "Slow Wave" sleep. This is also the level of sleep that induces dreams. If you often remember dreams when you wake up, chances are you spent some time in REM and Slow Wave.

It's important to point out that merely going to sleep isn't the same as getting "restorative sleep". It's not uncommon for someone to "sleep" for 7 or 8 hours, but only get 15 minutes of deep, restorative sleep. Crazy, right?

Ok, so how do we get more of this elusive restorative sleep? We compiled this list of our 5 top tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your zzz's.

1. Chill out.

When it comes to your bedroom, it's best to keep it says 65 degrees is an ideal sleep temperature. Your body temperature naturally drops as you sleep, dropping lowest in REM. By keeping the room temp colder, you'll help your body stay in this state longer. Bonus: being cold actually activates longevity pathways and can help turn back the clock on aging!

2. Avoid the light...all of it.

Try to keep your room as dark as possible. Just the tiniest bit of light (even bright moonlight!) can disrupt your natural sleep/wake cycle, or circadian rhythm. We recommend black out shades or a comfy silk eye mask (like the one that comes free with your Sleep Beauty Booster subscription!)

Be mindful of artificial light, or "blue light" that comes from electronic screens like TVs, cell phones and lap tops. Experts say to keep these screens out of the bedroom, but wearing blue light blocking glasses while scrolling Instagram or binge watching Ted Lasso before bed works too!

3. Eat earlier...and eat fiber, not fat!

When given the choice between digestion and sleep, the body is forced to choose digestion. Digestion is a high energy activity that is in stark contrast to your night time brain that is trying to slow down and sleep. Ideally, you should stop eating before sunset so digestion slows down in time for bed and all your body clocks can agree it's time for sleep. 

Fiber has been shown to increase slow-wave sleep activity and duration, while diets high in saturated fat and carbs lead to lighter sleep. So, work more whole grains and leafy greens into your daytime meals.

4. Ditch the afternoon caffeine hit.

Caffeine has a 6 hour half-life, meaning this stimulant is still running through your system 12 hours after your last sip! Who knew? Best to have your last cup of coffee or favorite caffeinated beverage no later than 10am.

5. Use Glotrition Sleep Beauty Booster.

The proprietary blend of high-quality melatonin, selenium and chamomile is the perfect combo to relax you and softly usher you into a deep, restorative sleep state. 

While you're asleep, vitamins C, D and E join forces with Aloe sterols to help boost your natural overnight skin renewal. 

The best part? It tastes delicious and leaves you feeling well-rested in the morning!




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