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Aging Wellness, Are You Practicing it?

Aging Wellness, Are You Practicing it?

Wellness has received a lot of attention over the last decade but now, the idea of increasing wellness practices as we age is becoming more popular. We throw the word “wellness” around a lot but there is more to it than just being free of disease or illness – it is the dynamic process of change and growth for our physical, mental and social well-being. Aging gracefully isn’t about trying to look like a 20-year-old, it’s about living our best life while having the physical and mental health to enjoy it! It only makes sense that as we get older, we pay more attention to our Aging Wellness. 


If you’re in your 30’s and 40’s, now is the time to start paying attention to the habits that will benefit you later on. A lot of these habits are no-brainers. Things like exercise, paying attention to your diet and what you are putting in your body, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and taking care of your skin (which includes daily sunscreen, yearly skin cancer checks, an anti-aging skincare routine and - say it with us – staying hydrated! You know we are huge proponents of being kind to your skin – the Super Beauty Elixir is the ultimate proof of that!)  


But there are other activities that can be really beneficial to an Aging Wellness routine. They have more to do with the mental and social sides of wellness. Mental health matters! Stay active and that includes your mind. Spend time with friends and family and make sure to take time to do things you enjoy. Find new hobbies – they can help you maintain a sense of purpose and help you stay engaged. 


Practicing mindfulness is a technique that has become a popular topic as of late and it’s really about acceptance and living in the moment. It has many proven health benefits that help us age better like improved focus, better memory and even increased immune function. 


Work to reduce your stress levels. Stress is so bad for our bodies and has been linked to premature aging, wrinkles and even heart disease. Introduce some relaxation techniques into your routine like breathing exercises or yoga. Other great stress relievers include exercising and talking to a friend. Sometimes we just need to talk it out! 


One final thing that can help with Aging Wellness and this may be a hard one…accept your age! There is evidence that people who have a positive attitude about their aging actually live longer and even recover better from illness or disability. Learning to embrace our age may make us better off all around!


Aging gracefully is a lot more about being happy and healthy than keeping wrinkles at bay. But younger looking skin can’t hurt! *wink*

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