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Our Super Beauty Elixir contains a patented Bioactive Collagen Peptide that has been clinically shown to increase skin firmness and reduce wrinkle depth in just 30 days by spurring new collagen growth. Much different than grocery store collagen, this bioactive peptide is highly bioavailable and backed by some serious science. AND, you're getting the clinically effective amount in each daily dose.

Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin C, and our Super Beauty Antioxidant Blend help to nourish skin cells and protect collagen fibers - the building block of our skin. This all-natural, delicious crystalline powder blends easily with water to form a tasty and nutritious liquid beauty elixir. For best results, drink once a day.

Our patented Bioactive Collagen Peptides are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 25% in just 30 days, increase collagen levels by 65% in 8 weeks, and increase moisture levels.

Sourced from grass-fed bovine, our Bioactive peptides are highly bioavailable, meaning they are absorbed by your body and get right to work on your skin!

Collagen levels decline as we age, leading to sagging, wrinkled skin. Supplementing with a Bioactive Collagen Peptide is key to slowing down and even reversing that process.

This potent blend forms the foundation of Super Beauty Elixir. We chose some of the most effective antioxidants on the planet. Resveratrol (from the skin of grapes), and fresh dried fruit powders from wild blueberry, tart cherry and cranberry.

Antioxidants protect your body from free radical damage, the leading cause of aging. Science also suggests antioxidants are important in immunity and overall, drink up!

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and a giant when it comes to skin health. Vitamin C is necessary to help in the process of building collagen.

Our skin's natural moisturizer, hyaluronic acid levels also decline as we age. Supplementing with a bioavailable form of HA is an important step in recovering ideal moisture levels in the skin.

This vitamin is well known for it's hair and nail benefits, but Biotin is also a great protector of collagen fibers!

Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Biotin, Resveratrol, Blueberry Juice Powder, Blueberry Fruit Powder, Tart Cherry Powder, Cranberry Powder, Palatinose™ (natural, low glycemic sweetener derived from beet root), Sweet Leaf Stevia (natural, low glycemic sweetener derived from the stevia plant), Malic Acid (natural acidity regulator), Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide (natural anti-caking)

Add powder first to an empty water bottle. Add an inch of water, swirl around until dissolved, then add the rest of the 20 ounces of water.

If you like a milder flavor, you can add more water. It doesn't affect the efficacy at all, and you get extra hydration!


Oral Intake of Specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides Reduces Skin Wrinkles and Increases Dermal Matrix Synthesis

E. Prokscha M. Schunckb V. Zagued D. Seggerc J. Degwertc S. Oesserb

In a double-blind placebo controlled trial, women ages 45-65 showed a significant reduction in eye wrinkle volume at weeks 4 and 8 and a significant increase in procollagen type 1 at 8 weeks in response to ingesting 2,500mg of Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides® daily.


Dietary Supplementation with Specific Collagen Peptides
Has a Body Mass Index-Dependent Beneficial Effect on Cellulite Morphology

Michael Schunck,1 Vivian Zague,2 Steffen Oesser,1 and Ehrhardt Proksch3

In a double-blind placebo controlled clinical study of 

105 women aged 24–50 years with moderate cellulite were randomized to orally receive a daily dosage of 2.5 g BCP or a placebo over 6 months. The degree of cellulite was evaluated before starting the treatment and after 3 and 6 months of intake. In addition, skin waviness, dermal density, and the length of subcutaneous borderline were assessed. BCP treatment led to a statistically significant decrease in the degree of cellulite and a reduced skin waviness on thighs (P < 0.05) in normal weight women. Moreover, dermal density was significantly improved (P < 0.05) compared to placebo.


Oral supplementation with specific bioactive collagen peptides improves nail growth and reduces symptoms of brittle nails

Doris Hexsel MD1 | Vivian Zague PhD2 | Michael Schunck PhD3 | Carolina Siega

Bioactive collagen peptides treatment promoted an increase of 12% nail growth rate and a decrease of 42% in the frequency of broken nails. Addition- ally, 64% of participants achieved a global clinical improvement in brittle nails, and 88% of participants experienced an improvement 4 weeks post-treatment. The majority of participants (80%) agreed that the use of BCP improved their nails’ appearance, and were completely satisfied with the performance of the treatment.