Happy Customers Raving About Their Results!


"I have struggled with fine lines and dryness, especially under my eyes, forever. Glotrition is the first thing that has given me a noticeable result almost immediately. My lines are much less noticeable and the skin over my entire face has an even, dewy look. Tastes great, too."  Teresa F.— Age 45

 "I don't usually write to companies regarding products I've purchased and used but in this case I felt compelled to write and commend you on how amazing Glotrition is. I have been taking it religiously since January of 2014 when a close friend of mine recommended the product to me. She was obviously  getting tired of hearing me complain about how much older I look lately when she was looking better. Within a month I noticed a big difference. My face just looked younger and brighter somehow so I kept taking it. Since then not only does my face look younger, but the rest of my skin feels and looks healthier. My hair is shinier, my nails look better. I wish I had come across this stuff years ago. I’m a typical guy I guess, in that I don’t really like putting creams and potions on my face so this was a perfect way to feed my skin. It is super convenient to use. I just mix a pack in the with my morning drink of water and one with my afternoon drink of water. Every guy needs to try this stuff, it’s great! Especially when the career stress starts taking its toll."  Joel G. - Age 48

 "I am experiencing drooping skin on my cheeks and my eye area, so I was curious about the ingestible collagen in the Glotrition drink mix. I’m in my fourth week of drinking it morning and night and It has definitely firmed up and moisturized my skin. Guess there's truth in the power of nutrition and supplements. I'd choose this over taking pills for sure. It's really delicious. Thank you!"  Jen R. — Age 51

 "GLOTRITION Collagen Boosting Drink Mix has been an excellent product for my complexion. People now ask me what I'm doing to my skin. It's also a way to ensure I stay hydrated which gives me energy and helps me stay focused at work."  Scott R. - Age 46

"I am a fair skinned blonde, so my skin tends to be thinner, dryer and plagued with fine lines. Honestly, I’d just about given up when I was given Glotrition from a friend. All I can say is Wow. The lines are barely noticeable and my skin has a moist, plump look to it. Happened much faster than I expected. You’ve got a winner here!"  Amy K. — Age 45


"I’ve been using Glotrition for 31/2 weeks and my husband, who never notices anything, stopped me this morning to tell me my skin looked nice. I asked him how, and he said tighter and “glowy”. At my age, I’ll take it!  Jackie F. — Age 72 

"As a guy, I've never been one to care about the way my skin looks.  I wash my face, and that's really about it.  But when I discovered Glotrition - and realized it's truly as easy as taking a drink - I thought "What the heck!"  And, I'll tell you what, the difference has been amazing.  After one month of drinking Glotrition twice a day, my skin is visibly more smooth and blemish free than it's ever been.  I've received numerous unsolicited comments from friends & family (who knew nothing about my skincare regimen) wondering what I've done.  I'm so excited to be on this journey to better skin, and I thank Glotrition for helping me get started."  Stuart B. - Age 37